The Rapids were supposed to return to action this week as the second portion of the MHL season was scheduled to get underway. However, all activities are currently on pause, except for a number of transactions that could be made in the following days around the league. It remains to be seen how much active Grand Falls will be to that regard.

All players, coaches, management, and fans alike are anxious for a return to action. A return to normalcy has most certainly been on top of the wish list for the new year. As the number one priority remains the safety and the health of everybody involved, it is in moments like these that we realize how much we miss the game and how much hockey and sports in general are a huge part of our daily lives. Sports have always filled a void and served as a retreat when times become more difficult. No matter how we feel or how bad things are around us, sports has always been able to unite everyone of us while putting all our differences apart.

However, when everything is on pause, all becomes very different in our lives, leaving us desperately in need to spend time doing something else, which is of course very difficult for all sports enthusiasts at this moment. The uncertainty which surrounds us leaves a doubt in our minds as to when the games will resume and if we can avoid last season’s disappointing end to the season.

But if there is one thing that sports have taught us through our lifetime, it’s to never give up! Being a passionate fan is a special feeling but keeping the hope that things can change for the best is what guides us even more through tough times while helping us hold on to our expectations and dreams.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait. A decision will be made in the upcoming weeks as to when the MHL will continue its season and how the pause will impact the schedule. Since there are no games to talk about at this moment, this report will focus on some fun facts surrounding the history of the franchise, starting from its early days in Woodstock.

I will be back with the next weekly report when the Rapids return to action, hopefully very soon. Happy new year to everyone… stay safe and strong!

Patrick Thibault



1) The Slammers have won 3 times the MHL title: 2005-2006; 2009-2010 and 2011-2012. In 2012, the team won the Fred Page Cup with a record of 4 wins and 0 losses, only to lose in the final game of the RBC Cup that same year to the Penticton Vees by a close score of 4-3.

2) The Slammers had three 40+ win seasons since their inaugural season in 2003-2004: in 2005-2006 (41), 2009-2010 (45) and 2011-2012 (45).

Five times did they register 30+ wins.

3) The most points in a season by the franchise was registered during the 2009-2010 season (92). Two seasons later, in 2011-2012, Woodstock finished the regular campaign with 91 points.

4) During the 2005-2006 campaign, Woodstock scored a total of 281 goals in the regular season (a franchise high). The last season the team scored over 200 goals was in 2014-2015 (213 goals).

5) The all-time franchise points leader is Justin Bowers with a record of 105 goals and 166 assists for 271 points.

Lachlan MacIntosh is second on the list with 112 goals and 115 assists for 227 points.

Both Bowers and MacIntosh played senior hockey for the River Valley Thunder of the Regional Hockey League (RHL). MacIntosh, still active with the Perth-Andover team, is the all-time points leader for the Thunder with 165g and 213a for 378pts.

6) The all-time franchise goals leader is Lachlan MacIntosh (112). He is followed in order by: Justin Bowers (105); Nick Huard (97); Brogan Bailey (86); Andrew Langan (79).

7) The all-time assists leader is Justin Bowers (166). He is followed in order by: Nick Huard (126); Lachlan MacIntosh (115); Andrew Langan (109); Riley Craft (108).

8) The player with the most games played is Brogan Bailey (201). He is followed in order by: Jonathan Erbs (185); Andrew Langan (166); Mitchell Price (165); Riley Craft (161).

9) The player with the most goals registered in the regular season is Justin Bowers. He scored 58g in the 2005-2006 campaign.

Three players have scored 40+ goals in a season: Lachlan MacIntosh (47g in 2004-2005); Alex Beaton (42g in 2010-2011) and Nick Huard (41g in 2009-2010).

10)The average height of the players this season is 6’0” which equals for the 12th time in franchise history the top height ever registered by the team.

The average weight this season is 175 lbs, which represents the lowest average ever registered by the franchise. Only twice was the average weight over 190 lbs: in 2005-2006 (190 lbs) and 2004-2005 (192 lbs).

*all stats are a source of eliteprospects.com