CJHL and CMHA partner for ‘Talk Today’ month across Canada

CJHL and CMHA partner for ‘Talk Today’ month across Canada

(February 10th 2022, Grand Falls NB) – Throughout the month of February, the Grand Falls Rapids is partnering with their local Canadian Mental Health branch to highlight the importance of mental health as part of Talk Today month across Canada.

Throughout February teams across Maritime Junior Hockey League will be sharing messages about positive mental health on their social media channels with fans and athletes alike. Follow #TalkToday and #CJHL to engage with your local teams during February.

CMHA branches across Canada began implementing Talk Today in the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) during the 2019-20 season. Generously funded by the Fifth Line Foundation and NHL Foundation , Talk Today has to date provided suicide-prevention training to over 740 CJHL participants “The pandemic has posed some challenges but we are thrilled to continue growing our partnership this season with CMHA New Brunswick” said Marco Gagnon, president of the Grand Falls Rapids. “We hope to reach an even wider audience this year by sharing the message of positive mental health during Talk Today month”.

Talk Today was created in 2014 and is now offered by more than 50 CMHAs to junior hockey partners nationwide. Talk Today has four key elements:

  • Mandatory evidence-based mental health and suicide awareness workshops for athletes that enable them to not only recognize when a teammate or others may be struggling, but gives them tools to speak openly about suicide and assist in getting individuals support.
  • A designated CMHA Mental Health Coach is connected to each team so that they can help in case someone with the club is struggling or seeking mental health information or services.
  • Talk Today game days with related social media activities to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health and addictions
  • A club Mental Health Champion who works with CMHA personnel to help implement the training and awareness

For more information about the Talk Today program visit: www.talktoday.ca

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can access more information on resources by visiting: cmha.ca/find-help